Why Latin Music is So Popular

Latin music is loved all over the world, the infectious rhythms and vibrant colorful scene make for one of the most unique music cultures in the world. Latin has influenced many kinds of different music from classical to dance and everything in between. And here are the main reasons why people enjoy and love Latin music so much.

Easy to Dance

Latin music has to be one of the easiest to dance to, you don’t even have to know the artist or the song just follow the rhythm and let your hair down. For anybody that has been on holiday to South America or Mexico you will know that music plays such an important part in everyday life. Music is everywhere it dominates all walks of life, from the minute you get up and drink your morning coffee, to a Mariachi band strumming in a restaurant.

It’s Romantic

The love songs in Latin music are so tender and truly romantic. The words are just as important as the music, and the lyrics inspire love and sharing your life with another. In fact some Latin dances go further than being just romantic, they are bordering on the exotic. Look at the Tango or the Bolero and see the passion involved between the dancers.

Meeting New Friends

Taking up dancing lessons is a great way to meet new friends and get involved in a new culture. In Latin communities it is common that music brings people together. Family get together’s would not be the same without the matriarch choosing partners to dance together and new friendships being formed.

The Music Reflects the Culture

Music is an important part of Latin culture, and it complements everything else that Latin communities enjoy. Latin people are on the whole are full of life, they enjoy having fun whenever they can. The music is as contagious as the culture and it makes you want to immerse yourself fully in it.

It Will Make You Smile

Everybody has off days, when things do not seem to be going to plan. To quickly pull you out from the doldrums turn on some Latin music and immediately the smile will return to your face. And in typical Latin fashion the louder you turn the music up, the broader the smile.


Latin Music Teaches You a Beautiful Language


Most successful popular music is sung in English, but with Latin songs they prefer to keep to their original language which of course is Spanish. Spanish is very pleasing on the ear, its meters and rhythms are far different to that of English and it is this that makes many Latin songs so pleasant. Some expressions in Spanish cannot be translated into the English language as there are no direct comparisons. And by using their own language, Latin singers can add so much more passion and feeling to their songs. These are just some of the reasons why Latin music is so popular around the world. There are many more that keep people coming back time and again to enjoy it.


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