What is Spanish Music?

There are no separate genres of Spanish music as it has been influenced by multicultural nations of South America and the Caribbean. There are many modern artists performing all manners of music including, classical, rock, flamenco, and jazz in Spain. The country is proud by its traditional guitar music that was always accompanied by dance. As a result, the classical guitar music and flamenco are still very popular in this country.

Classical Guitar

There is no doubt that the classical guitar is one of the most popular instruments in Spain. It appears in every step of life from fiesta to bull fighting and has played the soundtracks to the many different generations of Spain. Some legendary guitarists as Narciso Yepes, Joaquin Rodrigo, Carlos Montoyo, Manuel de Falla, and Andres Segovia are famous all around the world. These amazing guitarists have led the way for the classical guitar to be accepted into the current popular music and many popular groups still feature traditional riffs and melodies of the past in their songs.

Modern Spanish Music

Today there aremany native Spanish bands that are very popular. However, it must be said that American and British music is more popular here. The most popular genres of Spanish Pop music are bacalao and rock-con-raices which is based on flamenco music with rock overtones. The majority of new pop bands spring up in Madrid because many recording studios are situated here as well.

However, Catalonia is regarded as the highbrow home to Spanish music and Catalans are considered as the opera and jazz enthusiasts of Spain. It must be noted that jazz is highly popular genre in Spain and there are many popular jazz festivals around the country. You can join a jazz festival during your next trip to Spain, so check out the best event in Barcelona, Sitges, Santander, and San Sebastian as these are the hubs.


Julio Iglesias


A round-up of popular Spanish music would not be complete without charming Julio Iglesias. Iglesias is the most loved Spanish singer of all the time, and he has reached worldwide recognition. He has sold more records in different languages around the world than any other Spanish artist. His achievements speak for themselves with over two hundred platinum and gold recordings. Some of his most loved songs are Me Olvide de Vivir, My Love, Bambolero, and La Vida Sigue Igual. His son Enrique is following the steps of his father and has a string of international hits to his name already.

Julio Iglesias


Modern Surprises


Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of modern times has been the huge international success of the album called Gregorian that was made by the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos. This serious classical collection of medieval songs reached the top positions in many countries and sold over five million copies.


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