Top Spanish Singers of The Young Generation

The variety of the music in Spanish language is very wide. There are many different styles from romantic salsa until hot reggaeton, so people of different age and interests can easily find something they like. Now we would like to introduce you the brightest starts of Spanish music who belong to the young generation. They represent different styles and they listeners get a taste for the funky rhythms that are being produced across the channel. However, all these singers are different but amazing at the same time and we certainly do not want you to miss out! There is no mater if you do not speak Spanish because you do not need to understand the lyrics to dance yourself out!

C. Tangana

This guy is phenomenal, and it seems like he is working all the time during the past year as he already introduced crazy hits and one album after another. C. Tangana, who has dubbed himself as El Madrileño is from Madrid of course. He produces music that is a mix of the popular Rap and Trap styles with the traditional flamenco accents. Even if sounds a little bit weird and ethnic but all his songs are nothing but catchy and hypnotizing. C. Tangana has been famous in Spain for a long time as he regularly performs at famous Spanish summer festivals like Primavera Sound. But the worldwide recognition came after the breakup with another popular Spanish singer Rosalia.

Rels B

Another mega hot singer on the Spanish music scene. Rels B is from the balmy Balearic Island of Mallorca and he represents Urban style. His songs have a chill rhythm, but his lyrics are always with a deep meaning. So far, Rels B is considered a forerunner of the new wave of Spanish hip hop. His albums Un Verano En Mallorca and La Isla LP gained a great success. Rels B have great solo songs, but he is also collaborating with other well-known Spanish singers as Dellafuente, Nathy Peluso, or Don Patricio.

Lola Índigo

Despite being eliminated early on in the talent contest Operación Triunfo, this did not stop Lola Índigo from climbing to the top of the charts with her upbeat, sassy melodies, and great lyrics. Lola came from the beautiful Spanish city of Granada. This singer is undoubtedly talented as she is not only an impressive sing, but she is a professional dancer too. Lola has strutted her stuff to back up the acts of A-list artists like Enrique Iglesias.

Don Patricio

This singer who is well-known as Don Patricio is a Trap and Reggaeton artist from the Canary Islands. His baby face might make him look like one of those sweet guys from sweet guy-bands who make all the fifteen years old girls dying from love but that would be a false impression. Don Patricio has a vibrant personality and songs with sharp lyrics and bad words. He is not avoiding topics about street rules, drug problems, or broken lives. If you have not heard any of his catchy tunes, then you should start with the best one Contando Lunares.

Don Patricio
Don Patricio

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