The Paso Doble dance

This dance has Spanish and French origins. It tells the story and therefore looks very dramatic with staccato movements, body poses are striking, and feet moves in flamenco style.

History of the Paso Doble

There is no recorded exact history to tell the whole story, but some beliefs passed from generations. The popular theory is that the dance conveys a story about bullfight; leader plays the matador. Pasa Doble music was played when he entered the ring. In the 18th century it was known as El Soleo. This is Spanish tradition, but it is believed that it was created in Southern France. The name came from French military march which was called Paso Redoble. Name of the dance translates to Double Step because every second step is emphasized. It was about 130 beats per minute. It got named “dance of the master” because how bold pride is expressed in the dance. Strength of the leader is interpreted as that of a master. Females dance with confidence, power and elegance. In time, dance adopted some elements from Flamenco.

Paso Doble Now

It became ballroom dance because of popularity in United States in 1930s. Paso Doble is the fastest Latin ballroom dance. It is seen as competitive dance. Steps kept their French names; now they are strong, effective and dramatic, retaining its original roots.

Today this dance looks better choreographed because dancers can make powerful movements synchronized, that looks very strong and gives a dramatic effect. It gained popularity because of the show Dancing with The Stars. They combined pop music and sounds from Paso Doble original music.

It became a pop thing, but there are also times when traditions are safe and old dance is performed how it was hundred years ago. Traditional music is written by the Pascual Marquina Narro; it is called Espana Cani, but to all known as the Paso Doble song. If it is a professional competition, Paso Doble is one of the five dances; others are rumba, cha cha, samba and jive.

Should you want to see this dance live and not on TV, it is the best to travel to Spain and see Flamenco shows where Paso Doble will be performed too. Maestros de la Guitarra is famous for its flamenco guitar shows. Since 2000s, it had 3000 concerts under their roof, has over one thousand reviews on TripAdvisor and excellent rating. The act attracts music lovers from all over Spain and world.  You also have to see Barselona y Flamenco. It is running in Palau de la Música Catalan and Poliorama Theatre. It will captivate you with how passionate and intense the show is performed by gypsy characters showing their spirits and union. Performance tells the story about tormented love between dancers and their souls accompanied by the tenor and soprano.

If you are hooked, you can find dance studios where they teach Latin dances and learn steps yourself. You will see how it makes you experience more emotions and feeling with strong steps, loud music and movement.

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