Spanish Songs You Can Drink Wine To

Have you ever returned from a holiday in Spain and wanted to replicate the ambiance back at home? Perhaps you have fallen in love with the music or the wine but trying to copy such amazing times is hard back in your own country. One way to try and bring the memories flooding back is to pair your listening experience with food and drink.

Here are some great Spanish songs that you may recognize from your recent holiday, and we have paired them with some exciting wines to help refresh your memories. So, break out the tapas and uncork the bottle as we take a trip down the memory lane.

Bong Bong

An infectious tune from one of Galicia’s major stars. Bong Bong has that ideal summer feel to it that will keep your hips moving and your feet tapping. Performed by Manu Chao it is perfect for an outside BBQ or garden party. So, grab your pinny and barbeque tongs ready to flip those burgers. A nice chilled glass of Albarino will go down excellently with flame grilled food.

Cuando Quiero el Sol

If you fell in love with sherry during your holiday in Spain, then you would have realized that the genuine McCoy is far from what your grandma served up in her lounge. Spanish fortified wines are delightful and are to be drank slowly so you get the full enjoyment from them. Perhaps it reminds you of a Spanish cellar bar playing jazzy tunes such as Cuando Quiero el Sol. And if so, pour yourself a glass, turn off the lights and listen to Presuntos Implicados as they sing their melancholic songs.

Todo Tienda

The big band sound of the octet Ojos de Brujo cannot help to remind you of Spain. They play an intriguing mix of flamenco and hip-hop which is ideal to keep the body swaying. And if you are in a party mood then there is nothing better than a glass of bubbly, and Cava fits the bill precisely. The delightful mix of the music together with the fizz will be reminiscent of great nights out under the starlight.

Killed Me

Another classic recent Spanish song has to be Killed Me by Amparanoia. The lead singer has a unique voice that lends itself perfectly to the blend of chilled out music the band plays. The music is complex and would suit a dark and robust wine. Try listening to Killed Me whilst sipping a glass of aged Tempranillo and sit back and relax.

Son Son

The music produced from this very eclectic band is hard to characterize. But Son Son by Macaco is typical of their sound. Macaco is a collective of musicians from all over the world. They hail from Spain, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Brazil and their biggest attribute is their rhythm playing. Expect anything from hip-hop to reggae with a bit of flamenco thrown in for good measure. To enjoy this mixed-up sound a complex wine such as Txacoli will blend in perfectly.

So the next step is up to you, buy the wine, play the tunes and relax as the memories of good times in Spain return once more.

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