Spain’s Psych Rock Music Bands are Surreal

There are several artists, musicians, and entertainers who have hailed from Spain. Their legendary contribution to the arts and entertainment industry is one that is celebrated throughout the world even today. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when the country that gave the world Dali or Goya is capable of producing music that is celebrated and surreal too. Through the 70s and even the 60s, there was a massive language barrier that couldn’t get Spain’s psych bands to the forefront. There were also too many English speaking bands that were able to move forward, and the Spanish influence was snuffed out. However, the times have changed, and the tides have turned in favor of the Spanish bands which give the world the fantastic genre of Psych Rock.

The Top Bands

There are several neighboring countries to Spain that has managed to give the international music scene some psychedelic rock music. They have combined native styles of music and added some modern tinges to create something exquisite, mind-bending, and never-heard-before music. The list of Spain’s psych-rock bands are few, but they have the power to develop explosive music. Bands like Acid Mess, Cachemira, Celica XX, Celestial Bums, etc. are some of the well-known names in the international scenario.

Some of these bands have drug-fueled insanity that they portray in their music like that of Acid Mess. They show that they have no control and are led by an instrumental trio from Oviedo. However, the music by Acid Mess doesn’t need the drugs to make the listener feel the insanity. Their music is more than enough to create feelings of free-noise. The same goes for the music created by Cachemira as their music shows that there are no bounds to the mind-bending capabilities that music can create for its listeners and creators.

Creating Mind Visuals

Bands like Celica XX and Celestial bums are best at delivering the neo-psych rock. They are inspired by visuals and the future of the world. From swirling, guitars and pedals for a stairway are a taste of the abstract imagination they pour into their music. While one focuses on space and the future, the other draws inspiration from Japanese high powered technology. The futuristic machines and the impossibility of fusing sadness into an upbeat harmony is their specialty. Overall, these bands are best at crashing the mind with two different powers of imagery – one of the soul through music and one through the visuals they provide.

The Ones That Draw Inspiration

While these are the futuristic musicians and the mind-altering imagery, there are still the ones that draw inspiration from the retro aspect of psych-rock. They don’t limit themselves to where they find their inspiration from being in from desert vistas, or icons like Jethro Tull. In the end, their music is a reflection of what inspires them to create something beautiful. They manage to use the sounds that they have heard and reflect the same in the future. Seamlessly bringing together the past, present, inspiration, and the future.

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