Music festivals in Spain

Without a doubt, when people are planning their holidays and want to be somewhere warm, Spain is usually one of the options. Of course, the country itself is full of culture and art, food and wine, but what is left unsaid is the music festivals during the summer. There are many of them taking place and you can choose which one you want to attend regarding your desires and taste. They consist of multiple genres, from folk to electronic, from pop to hard rock, often including world famous music artists. Let’s review some of the hottest music festivals in Spain.

Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (FIB)


The festival is organized along the coast of the sunny beach in Benicàssim. The place is between Valencia and Barcelona and the whole festival’s booths and activities are being held in a park next to the coast. In that way, visitors will be within walking distance to the Mediterranean Sea. As every festival, its main concert starts during the night when it is properly dark to let people experience full effect of light shows and fireworks afterwards. Before going to the major thing, everyone is advised to take part in various activities and enjoy their time at the beach. In the past festivals, there have been performances of famous artists such as The Weeknd, Kasabian, Travis Scott, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lana del Rey, the 1975 and so on. It is a very diverse festival every year and with those kinds of line-ups, organizers seek to invite more people to the festival. There is a bit of everything for everyone.

Primavera Sound

It is one of the biggest festivals in Spain and world known for not only the music but for the workshops, seminars and exhibitions presented at the event. Primavera Sound is based in a waterfront complex only a ride away from Barcelona’s city centre. It is a perfect place to gather all the music lovers. The festival is turning nineteen next year and had featured a lot of amazing artists, including Bon Iver, Bjork, Aphex Twins, Grace Jones, Lorde, Tyler the Creator and many more.  Apart from the popular names, the festival promotes new upcoming artists who are trying to make it to the music business. They usually perform on a smaller stage during the festival as it has few stages to make the event more diverse. When taking a break from music, you can enjoy the festival by visiting art exhibitions, trying out different food and drinks, see new films’ screenings and explore the area.

Barcelona Beach Festival

The event is only a one-day festival which is also held in Barcelona, and next to the venue of Primavera Sound festival. Despite it featuring only one stage, the festival is known for the excellent sound quality and performances of artists, for example David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Armin van Buuren and Don Diablo. The stage is set next to the water and people who come for a good time can additionally enjoy good time on the beach. Even though there is no diversity in the festival on choosing music genre you like, the event provides an outstanding experience.

Barcelona Beach Festival

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