How to Dance Salsa

Before going through the process of involved in dancing salsa, it is trite to mention the necessary salsa dance steps in the Linear Style or Cross-Body-Lead style of salsa. They include; Side Basic, Front to back salsa basic, Cumbia basic also known as the Colombian style basic and Back Basic. One crucial tip every beginner should understand is that the salsa dance is done in a pair. Every salsa song is usually written in off-beat or four beats from another. Thus, a dancer typically makes use of the two measures of music to complete a cycle in the necessary dance steps. One of the measures is on the left side of the body while the other is on the right side.

Timing in Salsa Dance

Step timing is the way the salsa dance steps fit into the background music. While cadence means to keep time or marking time.  The timing of a dancer’s steps is essential to achieve a fluid dance moves. Different timings are used in salsa, and it all depends on the rhythm of the music and the culture of the dancers.

The Leader and Follower

There have to be two people to complete the rhythm of a salsa dance; usually a man and a woman. Both of them are known as a dance partner. The man usually takes the position of the leader while the woman assumes the role of a follower.  The man is the leader guides the woman by giving her claves. Claves includes the tiny tugs, checks, and pushes which are given at the proper time and rhyme with the momentum of the dance. This claves serves as a signal for the follower to know the right time to dip, turn, and hesitate and cross-body.

The Position of the Partner or Partner Contact

The salsa dance is done at a close range between the dance partners. This is also known as the European position where the man faces the woman. There is four popular partner contact position the dance partners can assume. The woman sets her left hand on the man’s shoulder. The woman and man stand at close range and look into each other’s eyes. The man sets his right hand on the woman’s lower back. Or the man places the woman’s right hand on his left hand.

Salsa Timing:

The man should place his body weight on the foot above in time with the rhythm of the music. The man also has to remember to dance while standing slightly on his toes and he has to remember to have fun.

  1. Stand with both feet together before the music starts.
  2. Hold the beat immediately the music comes up
  3. Rock back on your right foot.
  4. Step back with your left foot
  5. Hold the beat or break
  6. Step forward this time with the right foot
  7. Follow it up with a step on your left foot.

Salsa is a fun and sexy dance that many people enjoy all over the world, although it looks difficult at first you can easily master it with lots of practice and patience. With these few steps you’ll confident on the dance floor in no time.

Salsa Timing

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