Classic Spanish Songs of All Time

If you love music then some songs simply become part of your blood, they course through your veins and are like an itch that cannot ever be scratched enough. They may be songs that compel you to put on your shoes and dance, or they may be songs that have great meaning and break your heart. Music has the power to do all these things, and Spanish music has produced some of the most classic songs of all time. Great songs are timeless, sometimes we call them classics, and here are some of the best songs Spanish and Latin artists have written and sung.

Mambo No. 5 – Various Artists

If a Latin song ever rocked the dance floors around the world it was Mambo No. 5 that originally swamped America in the 1950s by an artist called Damaso Perez Prado. By the suffix No. 5 you can assume that there has been many versions of The Mambo. But No. 5 remains the most popular and has become the signature song for all Mambos. Then Lou Bega in 1999 reignited the craze for this dance/song for a whole new generation.

Besame Mucho – Various Artists

What makes a classic song? One answer could easily be if it is performed by many major singers. And Besame Mucho is one such song. Translated as Kiss me a Lot and written by Consuelo Velazquez, this classic song has been covered by such luminaries as The Beatles, Andrea Bocelli, Michale Buble, Diana Krall and even more recently by Il Divo in 2015. The song has been translated into many languages and is known all over the world.

El Dia Que Me Quieras – Various Artists

It is impossible to ignore a song that has entered the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame, and that is exactly what El Dia Que Me Quieras did in 2001. The song was a collaboration between Alfredo Le Pera and Carlos Gardel who were known as the immortals of Tango. It first appeared in a film of the same title and made the song a tango anthem. This romantic and powerful song has been covered by many Latin artists and in 2001 it was translated into English so Gloria Estefan could have a huge hit with it.

Pedro Navaja – Ruben Blades

Our final Spanish/Latin song is Pedro Navaja by Ruben Blades. This classic salsa song is included as it is an amazing version of an all-time classic, namely Mack the Knife. Somebody once said that if you were going to copy a classic song make it completely different. This fabulous salsa version of the Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin hit records and is fresh and engaging. Your mind does not even make comparisons with the original recordings, it just makes you want to get up and dance. It even introduced the New York club scene to a new type of beat that would dominate dance floors for years to come. Obviously these classic Latin songs are just a snapshot of all Spanish songs but they are a good place to start to enjoy this infectious music.

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