Best Places to See Concerts in Spain

Spain has several venues where music is played. Some of the best concert venues are discussed here. Depending what area of Spain you happen to be visiting, you can catch a live music concert or some Spanish flamenco music. The hour long Spanish Guitar Concert at the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona is definitely one of the best concerts to attend in Spain. Not only is the music fantastic but the architecture in the concert hall is so impressive that it has been named a UNESCO world heritage site.

Barcelona in fact has a couple of noteworthy concert halls besides the Palau de la Música Catalana that are worth a visit. L’Auditori is one of these. This beautiful concert hall has wooden ceilings and walls and wonderfully good acoustics. Auditori del Fòrum is yet another great concert venue at which international music artists sometimes play. Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi is a place to see great Spanish guitar performers in action. This is actually a 14th century church in Barcelona which is sometimes used as a venue for guitar concerts. Another concert hall in Barcelona where there are often see rock bands that play is the La Iguana which also has dining, so you can eat while listening to the music.

 Auditori del Forum
Auditori del Fòrum

Sant Jordi club is a fairly large concert hall in which various events take place including music concerts. They often play music of the 80s era so if you are a fan of that music period and are in Barcelona then this is the place to go. They also serve food and alcohol. La Rumbeta is a concert hall and a wine bar. They mainly play live Spanish music at this venue The WiZink center in Madrid is a popular venue for all sorts of concerts including modern music from touring artists like Lady Gaga, Metallica and Ricky Martin. This venue can hold over 15,000 people so is very good for large music concerts.

A smaller concert hall than the WiZink center is the La Riviera. This is another area where small concerts are played. There are also concert venues in the city of Marbella in Spain. They not only have the Flamenco bars that are so popular in Spain but they also have open air concert areas. Starlite Marbella is located at the base of the Sierra Blanca mountains. This is an open air arena that attracts many international music stars. La Catarina Brewery and Music venue offers several different types of beer and has live concerts that you can attend. This very popular venue is found just outside the center of the city of Marbella.

La Catarina Brewery

Marbella’s Parque de la Constitución has an open air amphitheater which hosts concerts ranging from plays, all types of music including jazz, and even flamenco music. Regardless of whether you prefer a large concert hall or small one, Spain is sure to have a concert hall that suits your preferences and taste in music. They also have many open air amphitheaters for an outside music experience.

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