Best Indie Rock Bands in Spain

It’s a universal truth that music can speak to people despite language barriers because at the end of the day even though lyrics are critical to good songs, without a rhythm or beat that is relatable it’s all over! Every culture and even era has its own brand of popular music but it’s often in the somewhat alternative, less commercial realms of the indie music scene that you can find some awesome sounds and talent. The Spanish music culture is diverse and stretches back in its eventful history to encompass many styles and genres of music. Some of these have influenced musicians today and helped them to create their own unique sound.

Today the opportunities to see bands perform live are numerous whether it be throughout the Summer festival season, up-and-down the country, or at various indoor venues. From Madrid the alternative rock band Nudozurdo has a slightly darker edge to its music and its unique style has earned it acclaim and a loyal following over the last five years or so. A string of successful albums has secured their place in the list of most notable Indie bands. Equally well known for their strong performances live, the band Triángulo de Amor Bizarro stands strong on the Indie scene. They have fused indie, punk and other elements from the rock scene to develop their unique style. Their name, meaning Bizarre Love Triangle is a nod to the song by New Order and this similarly interesting line up is, based on their recent work, going from strength to strength.

The Indie band Los Planetas, formed in 1993 in Granada, has been accredited with the growth of the Spanish Indie scene. Albums such as Una Semana en el Motor de un Autobús and a string of early hits meant their music over the past twenty years or so has been very influential. Combining the styles of rock, jazz, blues and reggae to name a few, the band Pony Bravo has succeeded in blending the seemingly impossible and does so with style. The band is notable for releasing their work on their own label El Rancho Casa de Discos and sometimes for free! The unique appeal of this unusual band is only intensified by their thrilling live performances so definitely a band to check out! In a similar vein of fusion music Fuel Fandango is a duo who manages to combine jazz, soul and flamenco with an electronic beat.

Cristina Manjón provides the strong vocals and their commitment to extending the boundaries of their sound is quite evident. Sharing a similar commitment to personal vision perhaps the band Vetusta Morla is interesting for its lack of published work. Having only released two albums in 15 years, both independently of any commercial label, they remain a force to be reckoned with. Their debut album was acclaimed by many as the best debut rock album ever and similar accolades were given them, namely by Rolling Stone magazine, when their follow up album was released in 2011.Also a little unconventional the indie band Toundra is known for its instrumental rock that is especially effective in their live shows.

They too have had much success and the album Superball Music has been described as among the best of the rock releases in Spain. Perhaps a little more mainstream but none the less hugely influential for about a decade now, the band Lori Meyers hails from Granada. The line-up of the band has often changed but they continue to thrive and have five studio albums to date. Interestingly the name of the band is that of an adult movie actress, who herself was the title of a little-known track by the punk band NOFX. Without a doubt the aforementioned bands provide some interesting examples of the flourishing and expanding indie music scene in Spain.

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