The Greatest Rock Band from Spain – The Hinds

The young rock follower, Carlotta Cosials had once created a handmade scrapbook filled with the band Arctic Monkeys’ lyrics. Back when nobody had a printer the new song ‘Suck it and see’ had just been released in the year of 2011 which was when Carlotta handwrote all the lyrics in a scrapbook. The 27-yr old guitarist-singer claims to have sparked an obsession for songs when they were first introduced to the one and only, Alex Turner. Carlotta soon created a band called ‘Hinds’ Carlotta and her mates. The band consisted of singer-guitarist Ana Garcia Perrote, bass guitar Ade Martin, and the drummer Amber Grimbergen still think like fans, which is why when they realized that the Arctic Monkeys would be making an appearance in New York the same time as they were there they couldn’t imagine let alone think of missing their idol’s concert.

Taking Flight in Music

After meeting the one and only Alex Turner the all-girl band released a new debut ‘Leave Me Alone’ and shortly after in April followed their second album ‘I Don’t Run.’ After releasing ‘Leave Me Alone,’ viewers were soon naming them a garage rock sensation. After all these years of being in the spotlight, the Hinds are still as excited as they were at the beginning. Hinds put a lot of energy, effort, and emotion into their song to show viewers that they really care. Hinds don’t feel insecure about their disturbingly loud vocal as they are aware of them and they enjoy it. Hinds have a reputation for being party animals, and they are proud of it as they are usually stuck on a tour bus or indoors and the after parties and the time on stage is the only time they can just let loose and be themselves without any consequences.

What’s In A Name

The original name for the band was Deers, but since they were facing legal issues from a group that had a similar name to theirs, they forced to change their image. In 2015 the band got the opportunity to go on their first world tour, as they already performed in Australia and Thailand in February and the US in March. They played shows at some significant events and festivals such as festival international de benicàssim where they played 16 shows in only four days. The year of 2017, Hinds designed an exclusive limited-edition clothing line through a store called Urban Outfitters.

Overall this band is a garage-live rock band that is similar to a variety of rock, pop and lo-fi bands like The Pastels, Velvet Underground, etc. Their main inspirations to start a band was Black Lips, The Parrots, The Vaccines and more as their primary influencers. Their singles include Demo, Barn, Split 7, Holograma, etc. Their music videos Bamboo, Trippy Gum, Castigadas Granero, Chili Town, Davey Crockett, Garden, San Diego, Easy, Warts, Bamboo (animated version), New 4 You, The Club, Finally Floating and British Mind.

Hit after Hit, Scaling The Rock Music Industry in Spain – Joaquin Sabina

Music inspires the soul to live in the body to spark it alive – This saying is one with value. Many music legends are hardly plagued by health issues because of the music that they are involved with. Something about the tones and melody of music has a tendency to keep the body moving both in dance and in well-being. Several amazing musicians have been known to even live a long time because of their close relationship with the sounds of music. Spain is a country that is known for its musical and culinary brilliance. Spain gave much more than pure musical tones and slightly palatable gastronomy delicacies. Spain’s famous food and musicians are known to have an explosion in terms of wowing their fans and audiences. Together, the food, and music from Spain give one the feeling fo fulfillment and joy.

Speaking of iconic legendary music and health the life and music of Joaquin Sabina are celebrated throughout the world. As a singer and a writer, Sabina is one of the earliest musicians who came from Spain to the international space. At the beginning of his career, he started writing poems for which he became recognized and started gaining popularity. The young Sabina was contacted by local bands to write for them and be a part of their rock music. Soon, the singer turned into an actor and took to the theatre like a fish in the water. Soon, he was singing, he was writing, and he was acting. In fact, he by far one of the few rock artists who have been known to take front and center stage in a variety of artistic roles.

Everyone Recognises the Rock Legend

His albums in rock music were selling throughout the world in the 80s and promoted the artist to travel on tour throughout the world and introduce people to his music. As a rock artist, he performed over 200 shows in 1992. His work and efforts were not neglected by the entertainment industry in Spain. The Spanish Songwriter’s Association recognized his efforts and gave him the title of being the best songwriter to hail from Spain in 1997. The legend took a break from his singing/acting career in the year 2001 due to a stroke but was ready to bounce back on stage in a couple of years. He released albums after albums and continues to impress his fans throughout the world. Today as a musician, he is not done with making ethical old fashion Spanish rock music for the world. In fact, he is far from being done. His most recent albums were sold to the Sony label in 2015 and another to the S&L label. Both the records were instant hits throughout the industry and scored to the top of the charts in Spanish rock music. His shows and tours are instantly sold out throughout the world and whenever he plays. After all, it takes but a few minutes for people to recognize the name that has brought Spain a genuinely glorious place in the rock hall of fame.